The Tale of the Small Piece of Paper

I had a meeting with a fabulous lady who has helped us with our rebranding…

So I went prepared and took along my questions, as I wanted to use our time together well.

When it came time to ask them, I pulled out a small piece of paper from my bag, on which I had jotted down my thoughts. It was about 12cms x 10cms. We went through my questions, one by one. Very helpful, all sorted, I was ready to action the next steps!

Next time we met, she revealed to me that she was shocked at the small size of the piece of paper which I had brought along with my questions written on! I didn’t understand why. She explained, “I’ve never seen anyone distill things down to the core of what it is they want to know from a session – to the extent that it will fit on such a small piece of paper.”

I had to laugh – I hadn’t even noticed, because this seemed normal to me!

It started me thinking though… How often do we get caught up in making the next step sound so complicated it becomes overwhelming – and so we don’t get very far!?

How often do we get distracted by attempting to deal with the surface symptoms of something, instead of cutting to the core?

Malcolm and I see it happen in the health arena very, very often… We see so much time and money being wasted and energy being drained, by chasing a million symptoms and not dealing with the cause. It’s a lose-lose situation which is destined to fail and commonly causes frustration.

It can also happen in our relationships and communication with others. Those niggly tell-tale signs that something is not right. When they are left uninvestigated they can build into something which then looks like it is the problem, but is often just a surface symptom. The real cause may be long forgotten about as it went by unnoticed and/or unchallenged at the time.

The present situation may well have nothing to do with the problem at all!

So, how big is your piece of paper? Are you able to see beyond the surface and nut out what is really important to you in your life today?

What do you want more of – and what can you let go of?

If you’d like a fun little exercise, take 60 seconds right now to choose the 3 most important things for you to do in your life in the next 24 hours – on a small piece of paper.


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