The Cave of Many Returns…

Imagine a deep cave. Pitch black.

You’ve walked past the entrance many times.

Sometimes you’ve wondered what was inside.

The voice of fear – fear of the unknown – was always loud enough to hold you back. You have never gone in.

Then one day you meet someone who has. They know there are exquisite treasures in that cave and they invite you to come and see them.

They have a bright torch and offer to guide you, so that it is safe.

You decide to trust them and venture into the unknown, because it feels safe to do so, with them.

And so, off you go, with your guide leading the way.

Their torchlight reveals 2 things:

Firstly, you find there is a well-worn path underfoot, which you didn’t even know was there, for all these years!

Yes, there are dangers… but your guide points them out for you.

She knows when you need to step over a rocky bump in the path and when to duck your head from a low part of the ceiling.

She also shows you how not to fall sideways into a deep, black hole…

With each step you take, you feel more comfortable – and realise that others just like you, have been here before.

Secondly, as you go deeper into the cave, your guide shines the torch on some stalactites and stalagmites.

Their unique colours and spectacular shapes are simply beautiful. They sparkle as the torchlight catches their crystalline structure. They have taken a long time to form.

These are the hidden treasures your guide spoke of!

You start to feel grateful to be witnessing their beauty and having this experience!

You are so glad you ignored the voice of fear and said “yes” to entering that cave.

What happens next is, you become so captivated and fascinated that you forget all about your fear!

When your guide offers you the torch, you are ready to be out the front.

You know the dangers and you know the rewards and with your guide backing you up, you begin your own exploration.

This is what it is like, to take the journey within. The path of personal development.

Many people spend their whole lives walking past the entrance to the cave. They let their fears stop them from ever finding the hidden treasures within.

Some drown out their inner world with logic or distractions, such as addictions, TV and noise…

Did you know that many people find it difficult to ever be quiet and alone with just their own company and nothing else?

Getting back to our cave, those stalactites give extremely valuable clues to the past. We all have them. They represent frozen attitudes, memories and experiences, like hidden treasures, deep within us.

They are valuable because, with the right type of investigation, they can help us understand who we are and why we do what we do!

Photo Credit: Jay Fowler

Isn’t that worth knowing!!?

With that type of information, we have more choice to make change and to create a life we enjoy!

We are the result of everything that has happened up until now, and – what we have done with those experiences.

What lessons are we learning, from each day we spend on this planet?

Let’s go through some examples, to put into context the types of clues I help people explore, in my work as a “cave tour-guide”…

Example 1: You are invited to recall what usually happened, when you made a mistake as a child.

What were the reactions of the adults around you? Were they encouraging and supportive, or more critical and judgemental?

Now remember a mistake you have made as an adult.

What was your reaction to this situation? Are there any similarities? Any judgement of yourself?

There is very often a thread that leads back from the present to the past…

Example 2: How good are you at receiving?

Have you ever met someone who chooses to not go for a promotion at work, or to stay in a disempowering relationship for way too long…

This person might be replaying outdated messages about being unworthy of receiving good.

They hold themselves back, because they don’t think they deserve to receive, or succeed in life.

Last example: An area I find usually needs examining. I’ve hardly met anyone who had healthy self-responsibility taught to them. It’s about where you end and I begin.

For example, “You made me angry!!!” Really??

How about, “I feel angry about what just happened.”

(Do I really want to give someone else that much control over how I feel?!)

As tempting as it is to wish otherwise…. Our reactions, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour are always our responsibility.

Our past can affect all of these.

(There is one exception to the rule, when a major act of offence has occurred. That’s another story…)

There is a well-known saying, “The answers lie within.” I agree.

I also know, from personal experience, that it is wise, efficient and sensible to accept the help of a guide. Someone who has travelled the path into the cave before.

That is my role.

I teach people the dangers, keep them from falling into holes and illuminate their hidden treasures, so they can sort through them and keep the gold.

Some people do live very happy lives, without taking this journey. They walk past the cave forever.

Others have a need, a desire, or just reach a point, when their outdated reactions to life are no longer working.

There is often a trigger, such as a relationship breakdown, a loss or a crisis of some sort which instigates action.

I work with these people, who are ready to shine a light on causes and transform themselves, from the inside out.

It is a very worthwhile journey to take. It can also be surprisingly beautiful.

With an experienced guide, you can safely explore and then consciously choose, what is still useful and worth keeping from the past…. and what is not working and is best replaced.

This is a tried and tested way to enjoy life more.

Who do you know, who has some uninvestigated behaviours, feelings and attitudes that are no longer working for them?

Are they ready to take the journey into the cave to find hidden treasures… with an experienced guide beside them, every step of the way and a well-worn path?

Please put us in touch, so we can connect and find out more about what they are looking for.

We work via online video meetings worldwide, or in person from the mid-north coast of NSW, Australia.

Take advantage of having a personal cave tour-guide, with over 25 years experience behind them.

Book a free Clarity Session here.


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