Life is a Series of Priorities!

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What we do each day adds up…
and does matter!

Pause, take a breath and a moment to answer these two important questions for yourself:

1) What is really important to YOU??

Is it a harmonious family, or a thriving intimate relationship, or financial security, or success and recognition in your chosen field of endeavour, a contribution to the world of some sort, or an artistic creation that has not yet manifested…?

We do need to stop and ask ourselves this question regularly, don’t we? For when we don’t, we really can reach the end of our lives not having done what we truly wanted to do – and how tragic that is.

The answer may not always come straight away – especially if our heads get in the way… but usually the small voice of our heart whispers to us, when we take the time and still ourselves enough to listen to it. Often we have to be quick to catch it, as it can be the first answer we receive when we ask! The other, louder, more common voices of our conditioning usually come in soon after and drown it out.

Voices of obligation, expectation, limitation, fear of failing, or being different, or being judged often change our perspective back and keep us stuck – keep us “busy” and focused on everything else but what our heart really wants!

2) Are you creating that in your life??

Whether it is a feeling you want to feel, an activity you want to do, or a something you wish to create or have in physical form… it is vitally important that you do it. If it is something which cannot be done immediately, then it is important to take steps towards attaining your heart’s desires. (The only disclaimer is if what you want will cause obvious harm to someone else – otherwise, “the sky is the limit”!)

This is the difference between a life well-lived and a life wished-for. It is in the doing… The choices we make on what we actually do with the 24 hours of each day we are given. Life is a series of priorities, isn’t it!?

Responsibilities are real. Physical, social, emotional, financial and other needs are real. Your unique heart’s desires are real too. I hope you learn to hear them, trust them, acknowledge them – and find a way to prioritise them, because they are really important – to you (and, incidentally… to those around you too).

Make it a priority to find a way to let your heart sing – and you can help to light up the world.


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