Let’s Talk Love…

OK, may as well confess straight up… I’m a Love Addict. Yes, it’s true… I love the feeling of “being in love”!

4-smiling-face-young-womanAnything will do. Anything which triggers that feeling in me, which I call “love”.

Now, that’s a significant sentence… Because it shows how subjective this feeling is. That is its beauty – and its mystique too.

What you find worthy of loving and stimulates your version of love within you, might be the opposite for me. How fascinating!!!

Examples are endless, because anything is possible! Could be a child, pet, person, location, experience, food, etc, etc…

“That which is loved is always beautiful”
Norwegian proverb

So, where’s the commonality? Aren’t we all looking to be loved – and to experience love in our lives?

The Beatles told us, “All you need is love.”

Poets have written volumes about it. Movies make millions telling stories about it. Families are created by it. Our intimate relationships depend on it…

The most important of those relationships being, the one you have with yourself.
How often are you “in love” with yourself? Not in a narcissistic way! In a child-like, fresh-faced, “how amazing!” kind of way?

Is there a part of you, which you can always “be in love” with, no matter what? Or is it conditional love? “I’ll love myself when …..”

Why do we hold ourselves back from loving ourselves, flaws and all? Why do we also hold ourselves back from loving others? Isn’t that what we want – to experience love at every opportunity? (Or what some of us want, at least…)

Tom Carroll, the famous surfer says, “Love is something I have made real complicated. I’ve been fearful of allowing people to love me and fearful of allowing myself to love people.” He is not the only one.

Many of us hold back – and miss out.

Your experience of love is all about
what is going on inside you

You need to feel safe to express your love. Worthy of receiving it. Free enough to allow its full-bodied expression to well up from within the depths of your heart and expand out to nourish every part of you…

It can be said that we are all addicted to something, to varying degrees. I’ve learnt, over many years, to manage my addiction. It now serves me well – because I know it is all about what is going on inside of me.

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