I AM® Communication Workshops

Thank you to all who attended the last workshop!

It was lots of fun… 🙂

These popular workshops can now be booked for groups or individual tuition.

Available in person or online.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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I AM® Communication Workshop

Who is it for?

It is for those of us who recognise we are all “a work in progress”!

Because, let’s be fair, how much are we generally taught about communication?

For most of us it’s not much – and yet communication is the backbone of all our relationships.

How are you meant to know things you have never been taught?!

No matter how old you are, it is so common to…

slip into unhealthy habits and ways of communicating;

leave things you want to say unsaid, because you’re not sure how to say them;

or even worse, when the time is right, have difficulty expressing yourself and then it comes out all skewed!

This can happen with friends, family, colleagues or even “strangers”, can’t it?

What if you had some extra hints and tips, which you could apply straight away, to turn this around?

Valuable skills which you’ve never been shown before? Because few people are!

Imagine the difference it could make to your life!!

To feel confident to communicate well in any situation –
especially when it really matters – is so empowering.

It can help your relationships at home, your status at work and reduce stress levels!

Are you ready to gather some extra communication skills?

This workshop is perfect for that!

It is practical, fun and interactive.

You’ll receive insights and easy-to-use, new skills, so you can communicate with confidence too.

Enquire today to arrange personal tuition or to book for a group!

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