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I AM® Moving On – Pat’s Story

Pat is an exceptional dairy farmer.

Trauma wasn’t on Pat’s mind at all when he came to see Ingrid. Other issues were.

It was only through working together that a 30 year old trauma came to light. It had been out of awareness – and yet affecting Pat’s whole life.

The tragic loss of his baby brother was something he was powerless to prevent. Nevertheless, Pat secretly blamed himself for not being able to save him.

Once it was discovered, Pat gently stepped through a specialised technique for resolving trauma, without recreating any more pain than what had been there, deeply hidden, for all those years.

Within an hour, this traumatic memory was deconstructed and within 24 hours Pat’s brain had rewired itself.

This meant he could start to build a new, post-trauma reality.

He finally felt relieved and free to make more conscious choices about his life, without being affected by the impact of this unconscious, unresolved trauma.

* CAUTION:  If you are adversely affected by hearing about early childhood deaths, it might be best for you to NOT watch this video. Instead, please book a time for an I AM® Moving On Session ASAP, so you too can gain relief from your unresolved trauma.

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I AM Method® – Veronica’s Story

Veronica has an international corporate background and is also a successful businesswoman. She believed that if she did well in her career, everything else would fall into place…

Through doing the I AM Method®, Veronica went from “workaholic” to enjoying more quality time with family members, more travel for pleasure and more time for self-reflection.

Her work-life balance, family relationships, awareness, leadership style and several unresolved traumas were all vastly improved.

She just wishes she had done the I AM Method® sooner!

I AM Method® – Mandy’s Story

Mandy was trying to move on from past relationships.

Even though she had already done plenty of personal growth work, she still felt something was holding her back.

She found the I AM Method® helped her to safely explore and grow from emotional “baggage” which she didn’t even realise she had!

By the end of the course, Mandy felt she knew herself at a much deeper level than ever before. This gave her the clarity and the confidence to feel able to attract the right partner for her, so she can build a healthy relationship for her long-term happiness and fulfilment​.

I AM® Moving On – Bron’s Story

Bron is a successful Business Mentor and Entrepreneur. She is also a mother of 5 sons.

A year ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Bron had completed our 10 week I AM Method® course in the past, so she immediately came and sought our help again, this time to resolve the trauma of receiving her diagnosis.

Bron took her terror of dying from “off the scale” down to zero, with one I AM® Moving On Session.

She believes her reduction in stress also helped her cope with an extremely challenging treatment regime.

I AM® Moving On – Nathan’s Story

Nathan is a legend. He owns a CrossFit gym.

In this video, he shares what he gained from having an I AM® Moving On Session.

Before his session, he knew something wasn’t right. He just couldn’t work out exactly what it was…

That’s because he was in overwhelm from being in shock. His logic checked out, which is normal when this happens.

After the one-hour session, he became much more grounded and was able to function again. His body and mind were more settled and he could move on, leave the negative impact of the shock behind him and get back to living his life.

“As a spouse of someone with PTS, I feel like I’ve got my partner back again. 
Life is not only better for him, it’s also a massive weight off my shoulders. 
For these past 10 years I’ve been trying to lift his mood without success and it’s been exhausting… 
He’s calling you ‘a legend’ and I’m overjoyed!  Thank you!!”


“I love how you didn’t want me to go into all the details again.”


“What happened in that 1 hour was more effective than 9 months of talking about it.”

I AM® Moving On - MS' Story
I AM® Moving On - MS' Story

I AM® Moving On – Ashley’s Story

Ashley works as a Qualified Accountant.

At the time of booking her I AM® Moving On Session, she didn’t know what the cause of her unease was. She just knew something wasn’t right.

We soon discovered that the unexpected loss of her younger brother two years prior had been both tragic and traumatic.

​Her Tonga​n heritage helps to make her family a very important part of her life​.

Although Ashley had handled her grief well, it was the traumatic aspect of her loss which was surfacing and ready to be released.

From just one session, Ashley went from feeling like she “had a huge hole in her heart”, to being able to comfortably talk about the loss of her younger brother – and this change in how she feels will be permanent.

I AM® Moving On – Janelle’s Story

Janelle is a hard-working single mother of two who had a traumatic experience at 10 years old. It changed her life from that day onwards.

Decades later, Janelle is prioritising her own needs and her desire to heal her past. This video was taken when she was half-way through her 10-week course in the I AM Method®.

As one of her weekly personal sessions, we included an I AM® Moving On Session, so she could resolve this long-standing trauma.

Before the session, the trauma had been constantly in her mind and as vivid as if it had happened yesterday.

Afterwards, she had forgotten all about it and when she did recall it, it felt like a normal memory, free from any emotional reaction.

I AM Method® – Steve's Story

Steve is a caring husband, a business owner and a devoted father of 7 year old twin girls.

He also suffered from anxiety most of the time. He had been actively searching for inner calm and peace for 20 years before finding the I AM Method®.

He started with a few I AM® Moving On Sessions to treat some specific traumas, then did the 10 week course, followed by a 5 week course.

It gave him everything he was looking for, plus a lot more…

He altered his work-life balance and fun activities, his communication with his wife improved and he became the father he’d “always wanted to be” to his girls.

“I had been looking for a way to really find and love myself and feel comfortable in my own skin for the past 20 years! I had no method, no structure, no support, nor a teacher, until I found the I AM Method®.

I had said the words before “I love myself”, but it was always so shallow. Poles apart to what I now know and feel.”

I AM Method® – Janti's Story

Janti is an Executive Coach and Trainer in Indonesia.

Here she shares how she overcame the perfectionism which was keeping her stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and preventing her from fulfilling her creative writing goals.

Through completing the I AM Method®, she was able to free herself from this and other thought-patterns, start writing her blog and contributing her unique ideas to the world.

I AM Method® – Tess' Story

Tess is a Manager of a Registered Training Organisation. Here she shares her feedback on the completion of her course in the I AM Method®.

Tess came to the I AM Method® at a time when she was making some very big and difficult decisions about her life direction.

After 10 weeks she was, in her words, “a new person”, with tremendous clarity and confidence that she was making the right decision for her future happiness.

She was ready to start a whole new and self-affirming phase of her life, which is exactly what she has gone ahead and done!

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