What Does It Mean… To “Be Myself”?

There it was… the perfect opportunity to make a great impression and promote her new business!

A business women’s catch-up, to ‘meet and greet’. Serena had everything organised, as usual. Clothes, hair, makeup, business cards, elevator pitch – prepared and practiced.

On the morning of the meeting, she’s nervous. As she rushes to get ready, so she can arrive early – cool, calm and collected… she feels anything but!! The butterflies in her stomach and the noise in her head are relentless – and oh so familiar…

RTG Business Woman Rushing Red Bckgrd

Will I say the right thing? What if I say the wrong thing? Will they like me? Do I look OK? Will I fit in?

On and on and on… In essence, “Am I good enough – if I be myself?”

No matter how old she gets, they are still there. She tries to hide them, but then has a niggling doubt as to whether her bravado is really working. She uses reason and logic to stifle and suppress them, but they come back.

And all this takes a huge amount of energy, is time-wasting and distracting. Which is probably why Serena feels exhausted and drained by the end of every day.

She can only run on nervous energy for so long. She will either end up breaking down in some way (e.g. becoming ill) or giving up (e.g. “who cares anyway”).

All this, for what?? Where does that question come from, “Am I good enough?” In whose opinion? Why is it being asked in the first place? Why would she ever think she is not??

You were once a tiny and totally dependent being. Dependent on others for your survival – your food, shelter, safety, nurturing and many other needs. Fortunately, things work in your favour most of the time. You were cute and cuddly and most adults were hard-wired to adore and care for you. Even change your nappies!!

With an adaptable and intelligent little brain, growing at a phenomenal rate, you also quickly learned how to optimise your chances of having your needs met. From a very, very young age, you learnt how to please others. (Think of a baby learning how to respond with a smile – and getting a positive response in return.)

You became alert to feedback from your environment as to how well you were doing. It was literally a matter of life or death to develop these abilities – and they started being developed before you were even conscious you were doing it!

The fact that you are still here, reading this, is evidence that you were “good enough”. The best thing is – you still are!! Do you know that? Really, really know that – and feel it?

Are those doubts and noises in your head still there, when you don’t want them to be? Do they cause you frustration, self-sabotage and have you wasting your precious time and energy?

What if you could find a way to feel OK with who you are, no matter who you are, how you look and how you are feeling on any given day? What if you could “be yourself” and love that being? How amazing would that feel…

We’re here to tell you it is possible – and there are tried and true techniques to help you do just that.

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